Communication Platform

What is TokApp?

It is a new and powerful communication tool  so that companies, institutions and asociations have a direct communication with their members

What are the advantages of using TokApp?

It cuts down management time in the communication, improving attention towards clients, staff and partners. Maximum Privacy with a quick start-up and unlimited messages

What does TokApp offer to users?

It allows to send information instantly in an effective and safe way. The access may be done whenever and wherever through any device, saving paper, ink, phone calls and time


Send direct messages in an easy and fast way


The service is launched in seconds.


Messaging with unlimited characters and attaching all types of files.


Privacy and EU GDPR (2016/679).Personal data is confidential.


Messages are confirmed by exact date and time when read.


There is an option of reply if requested.

Our products

Each entity communicates in a different way.

That’s why we tailor TokApp for each of them.


TokApp School

TokApp School

The ultimate solution for the communication between staff,teachers, students and parents.

TokApp Asociaciones

TokApp Associations

Keep your association up dated with partners and spreads your information.Report in real time.

TokApp Clubs Deportivos

TokApp Sport Clubs

Streamline communication between managers, technicians and players. Just focuss on the sport management.

TokApp Ayuntamientos

TokApp Councils

Streamline communication between the council and citizens.Keep citizens up to date.

TokApp Care Homes

Where communication is really needed.Keep families informed and make announcements in real time.


TokApp SMEs

Cut down management time and improve production.Promote your company.

TokApp API

Our API allows the perfect synergy with any communication system and intranet.

TokApp Personalizada

TokApp Customized

It’s time to have your app.The TokApp system tailored exclusively for your business.


We tailor TokApp to your requirements.

For schools, clinics, city councils, corporations, governments…

TokApp Free


Online support

Unlimited Sendings up to 30 users

Unlimited Administrators

Compatibile with e-mail and SMS

Configuration asistance

Premium position in directory

Subscriptions for third parties

Link to web and social networks

Content support





Unlimited users

Contacts importation

Unlimited Administrators

Compatible with  e-mail and SMS

Configuration asistance

Premium position in directory

Subscriptions for third parties

Link to web and social networks

Content support

Select users










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Why does TokApp do comply with EUGPDR?

The General European Data Protection Regulation  (EU GDPR 2016/679) sets up as a serious infraction due to the inclusion of a user to a messaging group (WhatsApp or Telegram) without her/his consent. TokApp is an advance in the personal data protection, in such a way that the person who has agreed to communicate with the entity, only provides the data to that entity and not to third parties.

Can it be used for the internal communication of the entity?
One of TokApp’s  advantages is the creation of groups among employees, partners and members of the entity.It makes easy and streamlines internal communication, keeping communication safe under a secure platform.
In which devices can it be downloaded?
Companies and organizations hiring the service can use TokApp on any device with internet access.Users may receive messages on their smartphone or tablet with Android OS, iOS or Windows Phone.
What you can achive with TokApp?
  • TokApp makes possible to send all information about meetings, events… that will take place.
  • Allows to request reply to the recipient if requested.
  • Gives message template to reuse them when necessary and there is the possibility to customize with recipient´s name automatically.
  • TokApp makes the information to reach through recipient´s phone, email , or if any of these options are available, through SMS.
  • Allows sending messages to all recipients, specific groups or only one user.
  • TokApp is proven to save money and reduce workload.
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What diffentiates TokApp from other messaging apps?

In TokApp all data related to the entity are compiled in accordance with the Law of Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce.It makes easy the communication with the company, demonstrating its will at the time of solving any incident.

Entities, professionals and users who communicate through this application are protected by not providing data, such as telephone or profile, among group members.

How much does it cost for the user?

The download of this mobile App is free for clients and members.The companies or organizations hiring the service will bear an annual cost per licence to use the platform.

Why TokApp?

For more than 17 months TokApp team has been analysing and developing an application which allows to get a direct communication among the company or organization members.During this period, we realized that using tradicional delivery methods (papernotes, mails or phone calls) was not enough to ensure that the message was already sent or even read.  It stood out the need of receiving a reply from notifications already sent ( if requested) and ended up with the ” Chaos” in those group coming from instant messaging platforms such as WhatsApp or Telegram.

How was TokApp born out?

TokApp was born out of the fustration one of our software programmer suffered, due to scanty communication coming from the school where his son studied.As there was no convicing tool for effective communication, he decided to develop an application so that the school could communicate with him. This is how TokApp and TokApp School were born.

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Esta empresa participa nun proxecto de internacionalización a través do programa do Igape Plan Foexga 2017-2018. O obxectivo principal destas axudas é incentivar e estimular o comercio exterior galego e a internacionalización das pemes galegas. O resultado que se pretende é aumentar a base de empresas exportadoras e consolidar a presenza de empresasgalegas nos mercados internacionais.

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